Welcome to the 7-Day Writing Challenge!

What is your story?

Deeper than your name, your hometown, and your favorite color. What’s the story you obsess over at night? The one you struggle with when you’re alone? What’s the story that haunts your prayer time or makes you feel like you shouldn’t pray at all?

Do you want to tell the story of something really great you accomplished, but fear sounding like a pompous ass? Do you want to tell the story of the hardest lesson you ever learned, but don’t know how to say that the story isn’t over yet?

You’re frustrated because you still feel stuck in the middle of learning it and wonder if you really have anything to offer anyone else. Am I right?

Our stories are all different. The who, what, when, where, why, and how change from person to person. But the one common denominator is that all of our stories have power.

Let me say it again: Your story is powerful.

Through writing, I have found my voice, connected with others in similar situations, and witnessed the creation of an online community of grace-givers that continues to astound me every single day.

While I thought successful writing was all about page views and building a name for myself, I have found even greater satisfaction in writing through my brokenness and helping others do the same.

I am Steve Austin. I have been blogging my story of messy grace since 2010. Along the way, I’ve found this message resonates deeply. I’ve had work featured on The Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Patheos, RELEVANT Magazine, &The Mighty. 

I am so excited about this easy-to-follow, helpful, and effective resource!

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